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    To build a society full with real equality — BIG Tour reinforces the opportunity of every person’s virtue to be seen.


    We aim to raise refugees awareness not only within Hong Kong but also around the world.


    We create opportunities for refugees to give back to society with their own talents.


    We promise to spare no effort working with everyone and be ready to witness a better future.

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  • Refugees in Hong Kong

    Learn more about them before your arrival

    Who are they?

    Refugees are people who are forced to flee from their home country because of war, persecution or violence and cannot return due to the fear of the above reasons. They come from other country as "Asylum seeker"

    Where are they from?

    Most of the refugees in Hong Kong are from East Asia and Middle East.

    Watch the video to learn more about their condition.

    Please turn on the caption for better experience

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  • FAQ


    How can BIG Tour help the refugees?

    We devote to bridge refugees with tourists and locals through tours and workshops. By direct contact with refugees, people will know what information about them is TRUE and accordingly abandon their stereotypes. On the other hand, we recognize refugees’ efforts with subsidy for every tour to enhance their living quality.


    How is BIG Tour different from other local tour providers?

    BIG Tour is the only English tour provider leading tourists with a local and a non-local, which is a refugee. Experiencing Hong Kong with BIG Tour, you can see this beautiful city from both inside and outside. The refugee leader will show you the city from their living experience as an outsider. At the same time, the local volunteer will display the genuine Hong Kong and serve as a communicator during the tour.


    Where can I learn more about refugees in Hong Kong?

    We cooperate with a number of organizations, which dedicate to solve refugee issues with us from different perspectives in Hong Kong. You can find more information from the list below.

  • Refugee related organizations

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    Branches Of Hope

    The Wandering Voice

    Christian Action

    Refugee Union


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